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Our Graduates, known internally as NewGens, spend the first 12 months completing 10 exciting challenges built on the culture of Aspen Global. They are assigned various operational responsibilities and must also complete projects designed to encourage their creativity and provide opportunities for them to learn and live by our values.


By using various learning and development techniques, we are able to support the graduates and help them to grow in their role and deliver value added results to Aspen.


Those who successfully complete the program will be offered permanent positions and we look forward to having them continue their journey as part of the Aspen family.


We have had a graduate program running since 2015, and in that time we have had 20 participants of which 14 were successful in being offered permanent positions and are still here today with several having already being promoted and earmarked for future leadership roles through our talent management initiative.

If you would like to become part of our next graduate intake please contact us via

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