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Why join us?









We have established a reputable business in just over a decade and we are continually looking to recruit highly skilled professionals who can make a valuable contribution towards our ongoing success.

We offer our employees a challenging environment in which they can contribute with a spirit of empowerment, entrepeneurial innovation and teamwork, while doing so with respect, humility, commitment and passion.

Working in a Global, multi-cultural, diverse environment

A unique opportunity in Mauritius as it opens up the world to you in more ways than you think! We have over 21 different nationalities working here and are liaising with over 60 different subsidiaries worldwide every day!!!  Working with diverse people, in a global company such as ours, gets the creative juices flowing and opens the mind to new ideas. So, if you are looking for insight and creativity, congratulations, you are in the perfect place.

The Power of "We"

"We" is more powerful than "me." Aspen Global embraces the value of teamwork. Behind our success story is the TEAM that we built, the collaborative way of working and the trust we have in each other. This makes us strong; we know how powerful “We” is.

Ethics before everything

We recognize the need to commit to business ethics and measure our success by more than just profitability. We strongly believe that ethical values in the workplace legitimizes managerial actions, strengthens the coherence and balance of the organization’s culture, and improves trust in relationships between individuals and groups.  We endeavor to ensure that everyone at all levels adheres to these values to help make this a fair and just workplace.

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